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‚ÄčThe Historical Society Needs
Chairpersons and Volunteers
for the Following Positions:

Jackson Township Historical Society

  • Community Education
  • Publicity
  • Fund Raising
  • Membership
  • Programs
  • Maintenance
  • Jackson Schools
  • Business Community

You Can:

  • Set up  displays at various sites in the community.
  • Produce a quarterly newsletter.
  • Notify newspapers of upcoming JTHS meetings and activities       
  • Represent the JTHS at expo events such as the Annual Pancake Breakfast.
  • Work with the Event Committee to raise funs annually for the care of the school house and its contents.
  • Schedule and arrange the speakers and  programs.
  • Set up and tear down for each event.
  • Maintain a membership list with current home and email addresses, and send reminders to current members to pay their dues.
  • Help coordinate  and complete repairs or improvements to the schoolhouse.
  • Serve as liaison between Jackson schools and JTHS. Encourage teachers to use the JTHS as a teaching tool.
  • Serve as liaison  between business community and JTHS.
  • Populate the JTHS Facebook page with at least one weekly post.
  • Hold an annual fund-drive campaign.
  • Produce a schedule of speakers and activities for each year.
  • Hold a membership drive each year.
  • Arrange events, such as the annual Antiques Appraisal.
  • Speak on topics of interest to local groups.
  • Post upcoming activities on the schoolhouse sign.
  • Arrange to provide refreshments at all events.
  • Acknowledge all donors.

  • We can help you find your passion in volunteering with us