You Can:

  • Set up  displays at various sites in the community.
  • Produce a quarterly newsletter.
  • Notify newspapers of upcoming JTHS meetings and activities       
  • Represent the JTHS at expo events such as the Annual Pancake Breakfast.
  • Work with the Event Committee to raise funs annually for the care of the school house and its contents.
  • Schedule and arrange the speakers and  programs.
  • Set up and tear down for each event.
  • Maintain a membership list with current home and email addresses, and send reminders to current members to pay their dues.
  • Help coordinate  and complete repairs or improvements to the schoolhouse.
  • Serve as liaison between Jackson schools and JTHS. Encourage teachers to use the JTHS as a teaching tool.
  • Serve as liaison  between business community and JTHS.
  • Populate the JTHS Facebook page with at least one weekly post.
  • Hold an annual fund-drive campaign.
  • Produce a schedule of speakers and activities for each year.
  • Hold a membership drive each year.
  • Arrange events, such as the annual Antiques Appraisal.
  • Speak on topics of interest to local groups.
  • Post upcoming activities on the schoolhouse sign.
  • Arrange to provide refreshments at all events.
  • Acknowledge all donors.

  • We can help you find your passion in volunteering with us
  • Community Education
  • Publicity
  • Fund Raising
  • Membership
  • Programs
  • Maintenance
  • Jackson Schools
  • Business Community

‚ÄčThe Historical Society Needs
Chairpersons and Volunteers
for the Following Positions:

Jackson Township Historical Society (JTHS) , 7756 Fulton Dr, is looking for volunteers of all ages to do various jobs around the schoolhouse and at home. They are in the process of planning programs and open houses for 2023 and would like ideas of what the community finds interesting.  Contact Kim at for suggestions and volunteering. 

JTHS has a collection of information about families in Jackson. Some are founding families, others made Jackson Township their home. Depending on the family, pieces of the collections include, family photos, genealogy, legal documents, receipts, school records, and more.  Contact them to research their family records or to donate some of your own. Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.


E-mail JTHS today.


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